Задания и ответы школьного этапа всероссийской олимпиады школьников ВсОШ по английскому языку для 5-11 классов 2023 года с ответами.

Олимпиада по английскому языку 2023 год школьный этап

5-6 класс задания / текст / аудио решения
7-8 класс задания / текст / аудио решения
9-11 класс задания / текст / аудио решения

Пример текста для аудирования:

Listening comprehension
Listen to the dialogue between Wendy and Robert. Then, do the tasks. You will
hear the dialogue three times. Now you have 2 minutes to read the tasks.
(Pause 2 minutes)
Now we are ready to start.
Robert: Hi Wendy! I’m home!
Wendy: Hi Robert!
Robert: Hey, do you want to come help me do my homework?
Wendy: Why?
Robert: Because it’s fun?
Wendy: Since when is it fun to help your elder brother do his homework, Robert?
Robert: Since I started learning Russian at school?
Wendy: Oh! Did you have your first lesson today?
Robert: I sure did!
Wendy: What have you learnt?
Robert: Not much yet, but the teacher told us to make a presentation about some
place in Moscow!
Wendy: In Russian?
Robert: No! In English, of course! Do you want to help me choose the place on
Google Earth?
Wendy: Sure! I can tell you right away! Make it about Red Square or the Kremlin.
Robert: No. I want something that isn’t the best-known place. Something cool but
not very well-known.
Wendy: OK. Let’s look at the map then. Show us the street view! What is this? It
looks like a huge church with a huge steeple on a big hill!
Robert: Ummm. I don’t think it’s a church. Russian churches don’t look like this.
Let’s see. Wow! It’s Moscow State University. It does look a little like a gigantic
version of our church, though, doesn’t it? It says here, there are 6 more buildings in
Moscow that look like that!
Wendy: Interesting… What do Russian churches look like then?
Robert: Oh, I’ll show you. They all have onion-domes. Here’s the most famous one,
which is actually right on Red Square. It’s called St. Basil’s Cathedral.
Wendy: This is a church?
Robert: Yes!
Wendy: It looks like a gingerbread house! Or a building from a fairy tale! Or a
fantasy book! It’s very pretty!
Robert: I know! I wonder what it’s like inside!

Wendy: Can you make a presentation about this church?
Robert: I don’t know… It’s too well-known…
Wendy: How about you find out what it’s like inside and make a presentation about
Robert: Yes, that might be interesting, actually. Good idea, Wendy! Thank you.
Wendy: You are welcome.
Robert: See how helping your elder brother with his homework can be fun?
Wendy: I guess I do!
Now you have 1 minute to fulfil the task.
(Pause 1 minute)
Now listen again.
(The recording is repeated)
Now you have 1 minute to fulfil the task.
(Pause 1 minute)
Now listen again.
(The recording is repeated)
Now you have 2 minutes to check your answers.
(Pause 2 minutes)
This is the end of the Listening part.

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